Wellness Ball™ Active Sitting

Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting improves your lifestyle. All the time you spend sitting, at home or at work and in your leisure time, can be turned into an opportunity to exercise and be more active.


Train while sitting comfortably

By making involuntary micro-movements or by using the ball for targeted exercises, you can improve flexibility, stability, balance, coordination and posture, and tone up your back muscles as well as the core muscles. Its patented design ensures a comfortable, stable and correct sitting position for back pain prevention.

A trainer always with you

The QR Code enables you to access a library with the most appropriate exercise videos.


Mobile content via smartphone, tablet or PC

• Receive personalised training programmes developed by our specialists.
• View videos of each exercise, wherever you are.
• Receive a reminder of training sessions directly on your device or PC


Safety and stability

The lower part of the Ball is madeof high-density material for greater stability and to prevent it from rolling around, ensuring a tidier environment. A specifically developed material has been used on the underside to prevent slipping (patent pending). The Ball is burst-resistant certified.

Environmentally friendly

The Ball is made from top quality PVC and vinyl, both suitable for recycling. Furthermore, it is phthalate-free, latex-free and complies with strict European safety regulations regarding cadmium and lead content.

Design and quality finish

Wellness Ball - Active Sitting is an interior design item, hand-stitched in Italy and perfectly suited to modern, fashion- forward environments (patent pending). The cover is made of multilayered fabric, with a support lining and breathable honeycomb material, typically used in running shoes. It can be removed thanks to a high- quality zip fastener made to nautical standards to resist to wear and tear (patent pending).


Positioning and trasporting via the loop handle

The loop handle allows for easy ball positioning, helping you find a correct sitting position


Each ball can be inflated to a personalised setting, according to uses, level of comfort and your height.Use the special label tag to personalise your ball with your name.



Wellness Bag

The Wellness Bag™ is a kit of accessories, including handles, elastic cords and ankle straps, designed for people of all ages who wish to stay in shape at home and on the move. Ideal for improving strength and flexibility.


Safe exercising

Exercises performed using the elastic cords are simple and the resistance/load is optimised according to your physical characteristics and your fitness level.


Maximum portability and versatility

Easy to carry around when travelling.Insert the Wellness BagTM inside the Wellness Pad and you instantly have a mobile gym which weighs just 2.5 Kg.



Wellness Weights

Wellness Weights are dumbbells to be used at home and on the go.The modern design and the special materials make them the perfect answer for people looking to keep in shape and tone up with small weights and a touch of style.


Unique Design

Technological innovation comes in the form of unconventional materials and a modern, advanced design concept.


Wellness Everywhere

The bag is designed to pack the weights correctly and to carry them around safely.



Wellness Rack

The elegant, functional Weights Kit for complete strength training programs involving all muscle groups. The high-quality polycarbonate weight stand combines quality and durability with modern, stylish design.


User-Friendly Design

Thanks to the innovative system for fastening the disks to the handlebar, the dumbbells are easy to assemble and use just like professional ones.


Innovative, Modern Design

The original weight stand is a stylish interior accessory in its own right.



Wellness Pad

An excellent stretching mat, ideal for daily use to improve flexibility and perform basic strength-building floor exercises. Stretching reduces muscular tension, enables greater freedom of movement, helps prevent injuries and improves posture and sports performance.


Practical to use and carry around

The basic stretching exercises are printed inside the mat and illustrated in the user manual. The two pockets and shoulder strap make it a versatile and handy solution even for people on the move. Conceived and created to incorporate the Wellness BagTM perfectly.


Stylish design

With its elegant shape and colour, this mat fits perfectly with the Wellness ToolsTM line. Designed specifically to be carried around and used in combination with the Wellness BagTM.



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