Live an extraordinary experience:
train and be entertained with Unity™ 3.0


UNITY™ 3.0 is the most advanced, open Android-based user platform in the market. It features swipe-screen touch technology, Virtual Training, simple log-in access to personalized content and enhanced entertainment experiences through Internet, TV, games and more.


The experience of the marathon on the treadmill

Run your favourite Marathons at home. Choose your location and the treadmill will make your run more realistic by changing the incline to mirror your path. Pick up where you left off if you don’t finish.

Brilliant image quality

Thanks to the enhanced picture quality and the new powerful hardware featuring a processor that is more than twice as fast, you can watch what you want with increased quality during your workout.

Unlimited entertainment

You can easily connect to Netflix and enjoy your training while you’re watching your favorite tv series.


Training that’s always more effective

The Speed Shift option allows you to create interval training profiles on-the-fly and switch from one speed level to another with one touch.

Your music, your training hands-free

The UNITY™ 3.0 console plays your favorite music from your Apple or Android device via Bluetooth®



Live the fun everytime with your personalized entertainment

UNITY™ 3.0 enables you to set up a personal profile that automatically links to your favorite content and training programs.


Train and discover new landscapes

Enjoy the feeling of being somewhere else! Select one of 16 different virtual locations (8 on bikes and 8 on treadmills and crosstrainers) and try an outdoor training simulator on your cardio console.

Enjoy your favourite apps

Go straight to your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype accounts. You can also access your favorite apps, TV channel and websites.

Your favourite contents always with you

With the User Content Sync when you log in, the equipment automatically signs in to all app.


Watch the best TV programs

Our smart TV technology supports all standards including IPTV and PRO- Idiom, without the need for set top boxes so you can control viewing directly from the touch-screen console while training.

Live your outdoor training at home

Use your preferred training app to track your path and performance, feed the information to UNITY console from your account and recreate your outdoor experience every time you want to.



Meet your objective and improve your training performance

Create a personalized training experience suited to your requirements choosing from a variety of workout options.


Set your goals

Discover the most popular workout for exercising against time, or number of calories burned, or the distance covered.

Select your exercises

You can choose your exercise from the complete list of available workouts: Goal Driven, Heart Rate Driven, Advanced and Test.

Create your workout

You can create a personalized training program on your account based on your needs and available equipment. Follow the list of exercises and keep track of their status.


Track your performance

Is your training effective? You can monitor the results over a set period of time and check your progress against your set goal to make the necessary changes to your training program.



Take control of your health, take all the data with you

The benefit of tracking all your data is that information is permanently stored, can be referenced over time and helps serve as a reminder for you to continue your healthy exercise habits.


Save your efforts

All data aggregated from equipment, apps and devices are automatically pushed to your account in the my wellness cloud and saved.

Check your performance wherever you are

You can access your data whenever you want from your personal devices or from the console to monitor your results over time.

Share your data

Let your family and friends know of your success, you can share all your data with them and share your latest body parameters with your doctor.



MyWellness Cloud

Technogym’s mywellness cloud boasts the most comprehensive list of third party fitness and device partners in the current marketplace so end users can seamlessly measure and aggregate all of the data surrounding their physical activities, both inside the gym and out, along with their daily movements and their evolving body measurements.



The innovative integration between Technogym and the app RunKeeper enables frictionless fitness tracking from within the gym, the home, and now across any of the many types of indoor and outdoor activities.

The RunKeeper suite of applications uses built-in GPS technology to provide users worldwide with the ability to map, record and share their exercise routes and workouts.


Thanks to the Technogym Ecosystem and the new mywellness cloud open platform, both Technogym and Fitbit users will be able to experience real-time connectivity between Fitbit’s award-winning wireless activity and sleep trackers and Technogym equipment, apps and cloud.

Users will need to link their mywellness account with their Fitbit account just once and they will automatically get all their Fitbit stats including steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and sleep quality continuously synced to their mywellness account.


The MapMyFitness suite of applications, under the MapMyRun and MapMyRide flagship brands, uses built-in GPS technology to provide users worldwide with the ability to map, record and share their exercise routes and workouts.



Users’ data captured by Polar’s equipment during indoor or outdoor training sessions can now be accessed on Technogym’s Ecosytem and mywellness cloud open platform as well as Polar’s own data platforms. The seamless integration of the most advanced tracking and fitness technology further extends Technogym’s

Wellness on the Go, a revolutionary vision for the future of fitness, allowing users to connect with their personal wellness anytime and anywhere.


The mywellness cloud is fully integrated with MyFitnessPal, allowing users to seamlessly synchronize vital nutritional intake, which underlines Technogym’s Wellness on The Go proposition.

MyFitnessPal provides a very simple way to log every food you eat during the day, assuring you are staying on track for your daily target caloric intake.


Garmin has been helping people achieve their health goals since 1989 so whether Technogym members are active by walking, hiking, running, cycling, swimming or are multisport athletes, Garmin has a device to support their needs.

Members can now link their device to the mywellness cloud platform through a simple one-time process allowing their activity data, from steps to detailed GPS information, to be automatically shared to their mywellness account.



Every single movement tracked on Strava is seamlessly synchronized with the mywellness cloud, allowing users to track their progress, set realistic fitness goals and ultimately push themselves further by competing against friends or aiming to break a personal record.






Elevate Your Fitness