Technology, ergonomics and the innovative digital interface ensure a personalized training experience and cutting-edge connectivity.


Run Personal

Run Personal combines cutting edge technology, innovative materials and flawless design to bring you not only professional cardio training, but also an engaging multimedia experience, so that you can have fun while you run.


Recline Personal

Recline Personal integrates performance and style, biomechanical excellence and innovative entertainment. The perfect balance between technology and design.


Cross Personal

Cross Personal is the first total body elliptical trainer with an integrated personal entertainment console. Thanks to its silent operation, you will fully appreciate the surrounding effect of the hi-fi speaker sound.


Unity™ 3.0

Take your training to the next level, enjoy a fully personalized session with UNITY. The new Android 5.1 powerful console makes the training experience more simple and fun thanks to Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity. 




The unique design of Technogym's strength products guarantee safe and effective training. Handgrips are designed to evenly distribute the load and ensure symmetrical positioning.


Kinesis Personal

Kinesis® Personal is the first piece of designer gym furniture for the home and environments dedicated to people’s mental and physical wellbeing.


Designed and built with the same materials as professional gym equipment, with a refined and elegant design, Unica is the most comprehensive physical fitness and muscle-strengthening equipment that exists, allowing more than 25 different exercises to be done in just one and a half square metres.


Power Personal

Created with sophisticated materials and excellent craftsmanship, Power Personal consists of two elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal.