Recommended For:

  • Improving movements connected both with daily activities and specific sports.
  • Improving strength, coordination, flexibility, posture control, breathing control.
  • Exercising both single muscles and entire muscle chains, thus helping you to achieve not only more strength, but also better balance, flexibility and stability as key abilities.


Thanks to the 3 pairs of handgrips you can perform over 750 different exercises, without having to make any adjustments. Specific muscles (chest, back, abs, glutes and quadriceps) are engaged using the standard individual movements, whereasthe combined movements work several muscles in total synergy and at the same time (front and back kinetic chains, core and multi-chain).

Quiet, Safe, Unlimited Movement

Thanks to the FullGravity patent, consisting of a pivoting pulley system, Kinesis® Personal provides an unlimited range of movements. The resistance applied is regulated by a sophisticated and patented innovation. A system of forces gradually and smoothly increases the resistance in total safety, thereby maintaining supreme fluency and silent movement during exercise. This system, which does not require the presence of a cumbersome weight stack, also contributes to reducing overall equipment dimensions.



Kinesis® Personal Vision

The VISION version is made of three steel panels applied to a rigid structural support which act as a mirror without distortion. The sleek mirror finish allows you to instantly check posture while exercising.

Kinesis® Personal Heritage Leather

The surface of the LEATHER version panel is made of full grain leather, carefully selected by craftsmen and applied by hand with contrasting stitching.

Kinesis® Personal Heritage Black


The covering panel of the BLACK version is made of wood treated with a special paint to make it unalterable with the passage of time and to give the surface an attractive leather look.The American oak wall bars are selected individually by craftsmen who assess their flawless quality.





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